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1. Is there a minimum qty if | want to order?
    – Yes there is a minimum qty of 700dz in total if you want to order less than a container
2. Do you accept custom design or model?
    – Sure, we will gladly accept all design and model requested by our clients. For model brought by
       clients, we will need to check if it is possible for us to make.
3. Where can | contact if | want to make order?
    – Please contact us through email at kraton96@gmail.com
4. Where is Batik Kraton Mas by PT Hadiputra Gemilang base country?
    – Weare based in Indonesia
5. Do you ship worldwide?
    – Yes we do ship worldwide, as long as your destination port is registered in our country’s shipping
line destination
6. How do we do our payment?
    – We usually accept payment through bank telegraphic transfer
7. How much is your product’s price?
    – Our price is based on the dress model and design. For further information, please contact us
through email
8. Do you sell in Dozens?
    – Yes, we sell our products in dozens.

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